#29 I Support Trump Part 1

Listen to “#29 I Support Trump Part 1…” on Spreaker. Dave talks about supporting Donald Trump for the 2016 Election, and why he does not support Hillary Clinton. Dave also discusses his lack of political knowledge. There is mention of who he voted and did not vote for in 2012 and why. He also talks about alot of stuff unrelated to the show’s title. What else is new? Email the show at dumbingitdownwithdave@yahoo.com Twitter @dumbwithdave Website www.dumbingitdownwithdave.com

#27 Repaved Roads, Rules & Reels

Listen to “#27 Repaved Roads, Rules & Reels” on Spreaker. Recorded on 9/21 @ 6:03 a.m. on the NY thruway southbound on my way home. After a smooth night of traveling from Albany to Rochester via Syracuse David gets himself all worked up about roads, rules, and his issues with modern day technology. Then just when you think he is gonna calm down he gets excited about “Sully” the movie even though he didn’t see it and destroys a brand new T.V. show comedy. That and a whole lot more. Email me at dumbingitdownwithdave@yahoo.com

#25 Houston (or The Entire USA) We Have A Problem!

Listen to “#25 Houston (or The Entire USA) We Have A Problem!” on Spreaker. Today’s shorter show Dave talks about a fuel pipeline rupture that affects gas prices in the Northeast. There is also discussion of policemen being ambushed and shot,driven into and a young girl in California suing the LAPD for sexual assault. She claims she had sex with 30 policemen. Check out the website at Dumbingitdownwithdave.com Email us as dumbingitdownwithdave@yahoo.com Twitter is @dumbwithdave Sponsored in part by www.comedypipe.com and the show Pipe Dream Wednesdays at 8pm EST.

#24 Mayhem, Momentum And Muck

Listen to “#24 Mayhem, Momentum And Muck” on Spreaker. Dave talks about his (in)ability to get things done after something goes wrong or breaks. First there is mayhem. Then there is a loss and or stoppage of momentum. Eventually Dave is stuck in the muck. Also there is a brief discussion about some possibilities of what the original title of this show could have been. Unfortunately almost every potential title was lost a few cell phones ago. Check out our website at www.dumbingitdownwithdave.com Email us at Dumbingitdownwithdave@yahoo.com Twitter@dumbwithdave Don’t forget to check out “Pipedream” @ www.comedypipe.com